Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where Does The Time Go???

It seems like forever since I last posted. No biggie I guess, since only a few people even know about my blog and I've been talking to some of you on the phone frequently here lately. Anyhow, things have been extremely busy with Phil's work. He is plumbing a Wendy's resturant. A HUGE job for a one man show. But we are so thankful for steady work with the way things are with the economy. Unfortunately, other customers are having to wait in line. Thankfully, they are willing to wait for him-the emergency stopped up potty and no hot water are being fit in as I can juggle his schedule around from day to day. Who would think things could get so hectic for a "plumbin' preacher's wife."
But speaking of time and how fast it is going these days, when is it that you suddenly realize you don't have an adorable little girl running around in pigtails anymore and you now are the mother of a young lady??? As you can see from the picture below, Megan has done a reality check on Phil and I here recently. I picked up her pics from the studio and boy did reality hit. Who stole my little girl and marinated her in Miracle Gro before they gave her back?? I can't be 34 and have a teenage on my hands. UUGGGGGHHH!!!! But now that reality has hit, I had to share the pic of my beautiful daughter who has put away her lacy socks and fancy hairbows.

By the way, what do ya think about my new layout? Not a drastic change. But I can't seem to get Mouseketeer Deitz to fit in the format correctly. Any ideas. I keep changing the size of the font but it's not fixing the problem. Oh well, only Amy will probably even notice much less even be bothered by it. And for those who read my last post, we did finally get that four generation picture which I am so thankful for.