Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pictures to go with the last post

Megan and her drums. Kiss peace and quite good-bye.

The living Christmas tree we seen. Remember there are over 150 people in the midst of 13,000 lights on that tree.

And here is me blowing our Christmas ornament. It was a really neat experience that we are already planning on doing again next Christmas.

Anyway, so there are the pics that I couldn't get to upload earlier to go with the last post. And yes, I do know about the errors in the post, but I couldn't get the program to let me correct them before it published it. I had to restart my computer and Internet connection to get these pics finally loaded. UUUGGGHHH! I am so ready for bed now.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A few highlights of the past month

Wonderful Memories So much has happened since my last post. But so many memories that will be cherished. Phil and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. What a hero he is! The things he's put up with...he deserves a metal. God has so richly blessed and kept us those 16 years. We spend a few days away ALONE-NO KID, NO PETS, NO WORK, NO CHURCHMEMBERS, ETC. A much needed time away. We were able to see a living Christmas tree program with over 150 singers and 13,000 lights on it. We also were able to blow our own Christmas ornament. That was really neat. We had a wonderful time Christmas eve with my parents, just the three of us on Christmas enjoying each other and what "santa" brought, and then off to visit with Phil's family for a day. Wondeful times that you just can't plan; they just happened.

But since then, I have discover the wonderful use of earplugs. If you have ever tried to think, talk, etc. with a teenager and a set of drum in the same room much less the same house you can understand the blessing earplugs are. Just when things were becoming so pleasant now that she is doing well on her violin (no more dying cat sounds-;)), she decides she wants to play loud obnouish drums. For such a quite kid you would never imagine her playing drums, but she is now. Thankfully she received some natural rythm from my brother, uncle and grandfather. So we will see how things turn out.

I must say that the new year has started pretty rough here. I had to take Megan's latest stray to the vet one morning. I have a bad habit of not opening the garage door until I am already in my truck. I push the button while I'm starting the truck, putting my seatbelt on , etc. Well, I doubt I'll be doing it that way anymore. For you see, by doing things in that order I was unable to see my husband's little service pickup. Yep! You guessed it right. I BACKED RIGHT INTO THE FRONT OF HIS LITTLE PICKUP WITH MY FULL SIZE TRUCK! Needless to say, size had a lot more to do with it than the speed of about 5 mph. I did almost $1900 worth of damage. Thankfully, his truck is still driveable since they can't get to it until Feb. 2nd and my truck had only one little crack in the plastic guard on the top of my bumper.

We've also had some problems with our little flock here. But many have been praying and I thank you so much for those prayers. God truly moved on the situation and has restored one of our little lambs. He is doing better now than probably the whole time he has been a member here. We are so excited about what God has done in his life and how He is moving in and through Him. It has been a major "shot" of encouragement for the whole congregation!

So much more has happened since my last post, but I'll leave those alone. Maybe the above items will bless you and give ya a few laughs. We are suppose to be heading to Bessemer, AL in the morning for the AL/TN choir practice that Sis. Talley is heading up. So I guess I better be getting to bed.