Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pictures to go with the last post

Megan and her drums. Kiss peace and quite good-bye.

The living Christmas tree we seen. Remember there are over 150 people in the midst of 13,000 lights on that tree.

And here is me blowing our Christmas ornament. It was a really neat experience that we are already planning on doing again next Christmas.

Anyway, so there are the pics that I couldn't get to upload earlier to go with the last post. And yes, I do know about the errors in the post, but I couldn't get the program to let me correct them before it published it. I had to restart my computer and Internet connection to get these pics finally loaded. UUUGGGHHH! I am so ready for bed now.


~Amy said...

Pretty awesome drums. But you should've got her red ones. Then she could be one little hot mama. tee hee (You can delete that if you want.)

Was there an earthquake going on when you took the pic of the living tree? Just teasing. Pretty cool.

And, yeah, I'd stick my mouth on that tube thingy too. YUCK!!! Yes, I see the Clorox wipes, but still.

Mouseketeer Deitz said...

YOU ARE JUST TOO MUCH, AMY! Besides, I SCRUBBED that tube before I ever put my mouth on it. They also wouldn't allow flash photos and the conditions were great so I had to snap whatever pics I could.

Marcia said...

Love the living tree and sounds like fun making your own ornament. Are you crazy? Drums you need some of those ear plugs Jimmie gets from the military for the helicopters they'll do the trick.