Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Loss of inches

Okay, today I'm suppose to be "Mrs. Homemaker" and do some alterations on several pairs of pants someone gave Phil. When we got married, he wore a size 34 waist (yeah, they were a little big on him then too). These pants are 33X32 so I have to take them in in the waist and up in the hem because now he wears a 30 in the waist (he still claims a 32-yeah right). Why is it that toothpicks like him keep dropping inches (no wise cracks about my cooking), but some of us fight to keep from finding those inches becoming attached to our own waists??

So Megan and I (not that Megan needs to lose anything-like her dad) decided to drop a few inches ourselves. We headed to the beauty shop to get our hair cut. Megan got a few inches cut off and about three long layers-really cute, but it really scared this mom seeing a young lady evolved before my eyes. What happen to cute little bangs and ponytails??? UUUUUUUUgh!! I decided to give Locks of Love 12 inches. Yeah, a drastic change that I do about every 2-3 years. But at least I can say I dropped 12 inches in one day. Now how many of you can say the same??? Maybe that means I also lost a few ounces from my weight as well. Hey, you never know.

The scary thing during all this at the beauty shop is that my mom looks at me (haircut was a birthday present from her) and says she is getting dizzy. She was already sitting down in one of those huge dryer chairs, so I asked her if she wanted a cool cloth or some candy. I no more and got that out of my mouth when down she went or should I say out she went. She tumbled face first out of that huge chair to the floor. I immediately caught the chair because she was in flight before I could get her. The paramedics and fire department were all gathered in the beauty shop attending to her. Well, thankfully everything turned out fine and she didn't have to go to the hospital! And thankfully the beautician was done cutting my hair and only had a flat iron in her hand. Imagine what I would look like with a Mohawk or crew cut. So things finally calmed down and the woman proceeded to finish my hair. Unfortunately, all the medical staff see my hair all over my head, kinda like a really bad beehive style. But oh well, I probably never see those guys again, I hope.


Marcia said...

Okay, so how did I get blamed for your new blogging skills? I didn't even blog while you were here. Anyways I'll try to be a good commenter but can't promise anything. I am about as good at that as I am keeping my blog updated. So your mom is fine? No bruises even from the tumble? That had to be a blessing from God. And the inches comment... well I won't even touch that subject.

Tammy and Sam said...

How fun this will be. I am glad you decided to give the blog world a chance. I am kinda new myself, but I love it. You get to tell news you would like to tell, but can't call the whole world... So the blogs make it able to share the good news of the Lord and the fun times your haveing. WELCOME!!!
I want to see a picture of the haircut, pictures are fun. Everyone likes pictures. You get a lot of comments when you post photos, although my last one has been a little slow on the comments and I posted pictures. hmm??? anyway, welcome.

Vicki Smith said...

Welcome to Blogland! --I agree with Tammy; pictures get you more comments generally. I think the pictures on Tammy's last post, however, left most everybody speechless. :-p
12" off your hair, huh? I've been growing out my bangs for a little over 4 years now and they're maybe 12" now. Tammy K. has also donated to locks of love and her hair grows really fast, like yours. There's not much call for grey hair, I don't think, so I'll just keep all mine on my own head.

Tammy and Sam said...

That is correct. I did donate my hair once.It was a lot of hair to cut off that is why I only did it once. I think it is a great ministry. There is quite a few ppl that lose their hair for some sad reason or another and it is nice to share. :o) I think Emilee Smith did it one time also.

~Amy said...

Yeah, I was going to say the same thing about the inches comment ... not gonna touch it. ha!!

I wish you WOULD post some pictures. At least of Megan's cut. I don't care to see your ugly mug. JUST JOKING!!!! Really, I would like to see your new "do". How'd Phillip feel about that?

The other way to get more comments is to comment on other people's blogs. Well, it works sometimes, anyway. ;-)

Love ya.