Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bambi In the Yard

I was out earlier today being the "Lawn Goddess" that I am, I was pulling weeds from around the corner of the house when I heard a growl. I stood up and looked around the corner to see Megan's crazy cat (no dog, just a crazy cat that growls). The cat was growling at a deer in my front yard! Yeah, too weird there. Not to see Bambi, because we live in the country with woods all around. But a growling cat?! Only at our house I guess. Anyway, I'm glad for once for Megan's cat. Without the strange thing, I would have missed Bambi.

Anyhow, after coming down from my red "throne" (provided by Craftsman), I decided to jump in the pool. Work clothes and all (what did you think I was going to do-"skinny dip"). Megan thought I was crazy and she is probably right. Because of the much needed rain all week, the pool is about to overflow with COLD rain water. So I jumped in anyway just like I was (no snitching to Phil who would die that I had a few grass clippings on me in his precious sparkling pool). For the first few moments, it sounded like campmeeting. But I have to admit there was no spirit in it, just my santity reminding me that I wasn't 10 anymore and that water was really COLD!

Now to pick back up the topic of Phil's sparkling pool. If it has to do with water, my plumber is going to make sure it is clean and efficient. That reminds me. A little "birdie" snitched and told me that there is someone out there in Blogland that was bashing plumbers on their blog. You know who you are. We will leave name calling alone and just say that if you don't want to go scuba diving then call a plumber to be the solution for the human pollution. That's rights, no mom is overjoyed to hear their son/daughter say that they want to grow up to be a plumber. But it pays the bills. We just smell money in these situations rather than the other. Just wondering, does being a CNA count as introduction to being a plumbing apprentice, Sara?? I believe Phil has an opening and you'd saved a lot on those college loans. :)

For those who commented about the 12 inches off my hair, you'll have to wait for a picture. Megan says she is not "styling" her hair for a picture if we are just staying at home for the next few days. So when we actually fix our hair on Sunday, we might get pictures and post them next week. That sounds so awful, doesn't it? But hey, I know I'm not the only one who just washes it and lets it do its own thing. By the way, Sis. Smith, they gladly accepted my donation, gray hair and all. I did ask about that because mine is getting a "little" bit of gray in it. :0) They said they process it and then dye it whatever color the child wants. I guess there's not a big demand from kids for brown curly hair with gray "highlights." Go figure.


~Amy said...

A growling cat. Now I've heard it all!!! Weird.

And what kind of weird-o plunges into a nice clean pool with dirty work clothes on. I don't think we'll have to snitch. He'll probably spot it with a simple glance. ha!

I wonder if they REALLY die that hair any color. Like, what if the kid wants pink or blue or bright orange. You know, going for the clown look. She told you "whatever color", right? Ha!

cokelady said...

First of all, WELCOME!

Secondly, your plumber's wife point of view seemed a little cold and calloused, I thought. I can't imagine who would go around bashing plumbers anyway, but if someone DID do such a thing, I'm sure it was justified. ;-) Besides, some birdies have very big mouths and you can't believe everything they say!!!

Crazy cat. That's kind of freaky. It could probably scare the bejeebers out of my dog.

~Amy said...

Did she just call the "birdie" a liar????? hmmmmm I wonder who the "birdie" is. Never can tell. ;-)

By the way, Annette, when are you gonna fix your spelling of "mouseketeer"? tee hee

Marcia said...

You crack me up!