Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trying to keep my hummer(s) fueled up.

How many of you have those wonderful little "sword fighters" flying around your house?? You know, those little green guys that have beaks that look like 1" needles. Well, they must love the mixture I put in my 16 oz feeder because they are guzzling it here lately in about two days. Or they are multiplying like bunnies. The past couple of times Megan and I have been swimming, we have been dive bombed by these little guys as they go zooming by us. Here we are playing in the pool, minding our own business (occasionally looking over at them), and the little "attackers" start invading our space. I guess 10-15' away from their feeder is not enough for them or is it the real problem is they are totally ticked off at me for having only one feeder. There is commonly about 10 of these little guys trying to get to only 5 feeding holes with about three others that are flying (standing) in line to get to it as well. Talk about some "people" needing a sermon on unity, sharing, and preferring your fellow hummingbird. Sis. Marcia do you have one of those sermons handy?? So I guess I'll go buy another feeder to promote sharing.

By the way, how in the world do you post pics. I have snail dial up. Three times I have try to upload pics, but each time it claims that it cannot do it. Does it have to do with dial up or am I doing something wrong?? Okay, you blogger pros, HELP! I have pics of the hair cuts and a real interesting blog that is centered around one pic in particular. But without the pics, this is getting a little boring.


Marcia said...

I can't give you any advice on the picture thing because I don't use blogger but I'm sure having snail dial up could be the problem. It takes me forever to load pictures on my website. I am electronically challenged. I'm glad to hear you are going to get the little critters another feeder. Somehow I don't think they would be too responsive to one of my sermons. :)

~Amy said...

Yep, it's probably your dialup.

How does buying another feeder promote sharing? tee hee

Vicki Smith said...

The problem is your pictures are taking up too much space to be uploaded from a dial-up connection. If you can figure out how to compress your pictures first, in whatever photo program you have, then save them in the compressed version, THEN you can upload them onto blogger. I had to deal with dial-up for many years. It's only since we moved here that I've got a high speed connection. Life is grand now!!! I look forward to the pictures and commentary.
About the hummers . . . I put out a feeder early in the summer, but we have to be gone away from home so much I just gave it up. It didn't seem nice to the little guys to be so inconsistent with their treats.