Thursday, September 25, 2008

Phillip-Caught up in his chariot

God is so awesome! It was so good for our family last week to be able to "step out" of our normal field of labor of pastoring at Mt. Carmel and be able to minister in a revival at Red Bay, AL. It has been several years since we actually held a revival. It was so refreshing! The anointing was so powerful and overwhelming on Phillip. I must say it was a different anointing and much more powerful than Phillip says he has experience in a long time. The "wild man" jumped in his chariot and never looked back until the revival was over. For those who know him well, you would have been amazed at the speed that he was going. He moved like lightning across the stage and leaped off it a few times as well. God also moved mightily during the altar services! It was definitely a reviving and refreshing time for the members there as well as for our family. Amazing how God blesses you while you are obeying and ministering for Him. Praise the Lord! Many youth were in the altar for quite awhile on Saturday, with many leaving with victory in their souls.


~Amy said...

Glad the revival went well. Praise the Lord for the youth that were blessed and all the others. Did he jump IN his chariot or on top of it? ha!!!

Where's Red Bay?

Glad you figured out how to do the pics. Now ... where are the pics of the new 'dos???

Amy Anders said...

I found you! How are ya?