Friday, October 10, 2008

Someone's getting old

Well, someone is getting older at the Deitz domain, but it ain't me. (I decided to quit doing that so that I can stay a VLB for the rest of my life.) Phillip turned 42 on Wednesday. Wow! Amy D. you may be right. I am married to an "old" man with a big kids heart. Anyway, that gave Megan the opportunity to make/decorate another cake. Phil wanted carrot cake because he tries to convince us that it's healthy (since the carrots are in it). Yeah right. So, here is Megan's decorated cake. It was really yummy even though some of the frosting became a little runny during her decorating in her hot little hands. I couldn't get the date to change on the picture, but you guys can at least see Megan's "handy work." It's about her 5th cake to decorate and she's improving.

We are headed out this afternoon to go on a camping trip for Phil's b-day. It will be good to get away. We love to tent camp during this time of year. Maybe I can get some pics to post when we get back.

Also here are the pics of our hair cuts that some of you still want to see. Megan's is cute, but my is nothing glamorous. I like my hair cut, just not crazy about the picture. I normally wear it different than in this pic though.


Marcia said...

Okay this is the second time I have tried to comment. Happy belated B-day to Bro. Phillip. Great looking carrot cake. Love the bunny and carrots very fitting for a... carrot cake. Ha! Oh and hope you are having a wonderful time camping. Hmm... haircut.

Amy Anders said...

Wow, Meagan did a really good job on the cake!!!! Tell Bro. Deitz HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

~Amy said...

Megan, awesome job on the cake. Although I liked my Pooh cookie cake even better. :D

Cute haircut, Megan.

Hmmmm.... Annette.
Haircut. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I thought that was too funny how Sister Marcia said that. I just had to mimic it.

And in your original post you thought you'd be blogging things that'd make people laugh at Phillip and Megan.