Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally Fall In AL

Temperatures have finally fallen to where it feels more like fall than summer. We even pulled out our jackets for a day or so. The cooler temps have also brought out the deer more. We are seeing them more frequent now. Matter of fact, the other day while I was doing my routine walk down our road, a deer had been watching us and spooked the dogs a little when it decided that we weren't very interesting to it and ran off into the woods beside me. Megan has also gotten into the fall spirit and has carved leaves into a little pumpkin. I must say she did quite well. But I still wish she had decide to only carve the surface before I gutted the insides out. Now we have a swiveling pumpkin with pretty leaves. (I was planning on posting pics of it, but Megan's digital camera died and we haven't bought a memory card for the one her friend gave her Sat.)

With that said about the death of the camera, we had to resort to the old way of taking pics with film. Needless to say, Phillip and Megan have big plans on doing an autopsy on the deceased. Anyone interested on what those little things are made of?? So with the camera dead, we now have no pics of the wonderful camping trip we took for Phil's b-day. Oh, and then the big bummer... I missed a four generation picture of my family Sunday! FOUR GENERATIONS! Not everyone can say that. My grandmother is visiting from AZ and wouldn't you figure of all times for the camera to die, it chose now. UUggh!

Anyway, we recently had pastor appreciation at the church for Phillip. Sis. Bishop got to roast him (he's so little that it was more like a wienie roast). Sis. Mary Shelton and her group came and sang the house down. I'm not a bluegrass person, but the anointing she has makes you overlook the twangy sounds. I'm a minority when it comes to bluegrass at our church. She also preached that Sunday night. She's as fiery preachin' as she is singin'.

I guess with the change of seasons, Megan also decide to change her wardrobe. I had to go shopping because she hit a growth spurt. At 13, how much longer should she still be growing. Anyway we were blessed to find some great deals, we are still negotiating about her wearing them though. Anyone who is or already has raised a teenager knows all too well what I'm talking about. Another UUUUUGGGHH! But in the midst of all this shopping, I decided to walk around The Salvation Army. Sis. Marcia guess what I found. RUMMIKUB for only 2 bucks. I had Megan to count and make sure all the pieces were there. So now I can practice and maybe Sis. Marcia and Sis. Kaufman won't beat the stew out of me next time.

And one last way to know it's fall around here is the smell of Sis. Smith's Corn Chowder in the air. I love her recipe and decided to make some today. I can't wait till supper.


~Amy said...

Mmmm... corn chowder does sound good. As soon as we're all completely well, maybe I'll make some. You know you're not supposed to eat or drink dairy when you have a cold.

Anyway, it's a bummer about the camera, but you know I saw a little cheapie digital last night at Wal Mart marked down to $9. I don't know how good it'd be, but it's better than nothing. Looks like we may both be getting the same thing for Christmas.

Glad you had a good camping trip.

Glad you found Megan some clothes, but I still think you should've taken her to Christopher and Banks. :P

Marcia said...

Hey great post. Enjoyed hearing about all the news. I am unable to post these days so I haven't even been getting around to comment. Been interesting and busy around here these days. Hope to talk at ya soon. Did I hear Christopher Banks shopping? Oh how I wish we had one of those. Anyways teens and their growth spurts. Aaron is in need of pants again. He has grown taller again. Pretty soon he will be my height.

Vicki Smith said...

Mmmmmm, corn chowder sounds good! Maybe I should make some myself. I haven't done that in a very long time. And Brother Grayson brought me some fresh milk--you know, milk straight from the cow? Yum!