Friday, December 12, 2008

Charlie and his choo-choo train

Here's the picture that got deleted from the 1st post about the tree. Phillip (Charlie) is playing with our Christmas train that goes around the tree. You'd think he was a four year old with a new hot wheels. Amy send Jackson down here so my husband can have a playmate.

I guess I am finally done, after three posts, with the adventure of Charlie and his Christmas tree. Hopefully, everyone can piece it all together.


Marcia said...

Finally a new post. I had about given up on seeing one. :) Love the Christmas tree and all the pictures. Boys love their choo choo trains. Love the template. Its you!

Mouseketeer Deitz said...

Thanks. I have to give the credit to Amy Dyer, she found the template for me and helped me with it. Too bad I can't add your snow to it.

~Amy said...

The tree looks really pretty. You want Jackson? He's on his way. ;-)

Mouseketeer Deitz said...

You know we'd love to have the Bubby (with a tranquilizer gun). ;o) Besides, I'm sure he's being an angel right now for Santa.

Tammy Washburn said...


Great pics. Glad Megan didn't fall off his shoulders!

Ought to go to McWane Center...they're having a train show...of course take Bro. Phillip.