Thursday, December 11, 2008

Charlie's Christmas Tree

We've probably all seen Charlie Brown's Christmas tree on the Peanuts cartoons. Remember how pitiful it looked. Well, just before Phil and I got married, he decided to buy us a little Christmas tree of our own since we got married Dec. 20th. Needless to say, K-mart would not have been my first choice to shop for one, much less would I had even gave that tree a second look and I definitely would not have bought it. But then again, after almost 16 years, I'm not him and we are so different on so many things. I was stuck with that scrawny tree for two years because he kept petting/pampering it while I wanted to chuck it out in the yard. Finally, I was blessed and it died. I said all this for the reason of the pics below. As you can see, we went as a family to pick out a real life Christmas tree. Megan and I had been hopes and aspirations. We all never realized that we would have the two foot root ball that we would have to accomodate for since we want to plant it in our yard afterwards. I guess you could say the little 2' tree Charlie brought home back in 1992 had some serious Miracle Gro issues. My tree now touches our ceiling and the girth is about 5'. I can't wait to see how pretty it will be in the front yard considering I have planted twelve CO blue spruces twice in our yard and they ain't gonna grow here. Maybe subconciously the reason why this one wound up so big. They also gave us a $15 discount. We wondered why, because it was so prettier and bigger than the others. After wrestling to get it in the house, cutting off a few branches at the top, working to get the root ball in a big enough container, we aren't wondering why the discount anymore. Who else would buy such a huge tree???

Here's Phil and Megan beginning the decorating around 10pm. (It took about an hour and a half to wrestle that tree so it would be stablelized.)

Charlie now decides it time to take a break from decorating and play with the train. Isn't he too cute with his little toy