Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Can you believe it?? We got our first snow of the season. I love living at our new home. It's at a higher elevation than the parsonage is. This makes about 5 times that it has snowed here in about 1 1/2 years. Quit laughing Amy Dyer. For it to snow in AL, that's a big thing no matter how little it may be. At least we aren't having to deal with it day in and day out. It comes; it's pretty; fun to play in; and thankfully melts soon.

I did manage to get a pics of Phillip's and my four generations. So I thought I'd show those to everyone. We are so proud and thankful that we are able to still have our parents and grandparents alive and able to visit us recently. I believe Megan takes on more of the Deitz traits than the Pratts though.

And I had to include this shot of my lab. As you can see Megan decided to "torture"/play with her by putting Build A Bear clothes on her. Needless to say, for a 90 something pound lab, she can only wear the hat and shoes.


~Amy said...

Annette, Annette, Annette. That's not snow. You need to look at my blog for some pictures of actual snow. Now THAT'S snow!!!!


The picture of the dog with the Buid a Bear shoes ... *shaking head and laughing*. Too silly.

Neat pics of the families. Truly treasures to cherish.

Vicki Smith said...

Hey, I'd be THRILLED to see the ground covered in white, no matter how deep it is! I got GIDDY with excitement the other day when I saw snow flurries. Nothing actually stuck on the ground, not one single flake, but I saw it in the air--REAL snowflakes! You have to take what you can get around here. :-(
How neat to have the 4 generation pictures.
BTW, we were considering calling your plumber husband but I read on your blog how busy he is. So we hired a local guy. We think he's pretty honest, but how can you ever really know?

Amy Anders said...

LOL. Loved the picture of the dog. Too cute!

As for the snow I'm with Sis. Smith, i just wished we had just a little bit up here too!!!!!